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About me

Me and Sightly Dolls Magnum Flirty kiss,
Best In Show both days in Finland, Kempele 2016.

My name is Isabelle Füreder and I am the one behind Sightly Dolls breeding and I live in northern Sweden, more precisely in Luleå.
I am 27 years old, is a qualified nurse and works in home care.
I have always had cats in my home but I got my first ragdoll in 2010, which I will never regret. What a great cat and breed!

Animals are really my big passion here in life and they would not be able to live without, my family has had a dog and I've been riding horses all my life. I am active in my cat club, Norrskenskatten, where I am also a member of the board. I have also attended an assistant training in SVERAK's direction via Norrskenskatten, so I will learn even more about the exhibition and all the different cat breeds.

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